It’s been way too long since I’ve had a real chance to concentrate on my love of music. And it’s created a big hole right in the center of my chest. Can you dig it?

So, as I vowed to relaunch myself into sharing the grooves I love with the folks I like, it seemed like a good idea to put a new face on it. What I had been including in my advertising web site seems to belong in it’s own space! Thus, you have landed here. Can you dig THAT?

I’m gonna dive right in and start reviewing not only new stuff, but some of the stuff that I’ve listened to and not shared over the last year. And, more stuff is coming. In the meantime, I’m inviting everyone to share their reviews of their favorite new sounds right here on this site. Just slog through the blog and drop your own nuggets in!

There are some other things percolating in this cerebral coffee house of mine that will show up here over the coming months. The only way you’ll know what they are is to come back and visit soon. Shouldn’t be hard. ‘Cuz I know that Music Matters to you as much as it does to me. And, I can dig THAT.

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